Arguably there is no better way to get our libido in a spin than to feel relaxed and sexy…and a fun way to do that is a nurturing massage with some fragrant oil, especially when that oil has medicinal properties that can boost libido too!

Below is my recipe for a homemade massage oil which will not only nurture your skin but help you feel perky too. Please note that this is not a quick fix solution for improving your libido and it is unlikely to boost your sex drive immediately – it is simply a supportive way to nurture yourselves and improve the context of your experience. DO NOT use essential oils neat on your skin – they should always be diluted with a carrier oil before application. In addition, I recommend doing a small patch test (diluted in oil on the inside of your forearm) to check that your skin is not going to react before wider bodily use. Ginger will warm and can slightly redden skin however it should not cause irritation if it is diluted and you are not allergic to it.

  • 50 mls of a good carrier oil such as coconut oil (warmed in the sun and not heated on a hob until liquid for mixing), sweet almond oil, or another good quality carrier oil. To this oil add:
  • 20 drops of good quality organic Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata or Unona odoratissima): Ylang Ylang not only smells exotic but its floral scent is gentle and not too sweet. In addition to its aphrodisiac virtues, it works on the brain’s limbic system to reduce anxiety, lift mood and calm anger. Additionally, it has been shown to slow heart rate and support respiration.
  • 5 drops of a good quality Essential oil of ginger (Zingiber officinale ): Ginger’s earthy, warm and spicy scent can lift mood. It also acts on your circulatory system to promote better circulation and create a warming sensation. Ginger supports testosterone function, which is necessary for libido in both women and men!
  • 5 drops of good quality organic Essential oil of ginseng (Panax ginseng): a good tonic EO to help your body, particularly the adrenals, adapt to the change of seasons. It is especially helpful to massage this into the area around your dimples of Venus (lower back above the buttocks)! Though the essential oil can be more difficult to find I have seen it in pharmacies in France but you must ensure that you get the Panax ginseng variety since there are also other “false ginsengs” which are not quite as powerful. If you can’t find it, increase the ginger by a couple of drops, testing the warmth on a small patch of skin first so you don’t over do it!

Mix the above ingredients together and for the rest let your hands do the talking!

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