To receive time, care and a fresh perspective on your health and well-being issue.

We take the time to assess, treat and support you based on a holistic and natural medicine approach, which includes looking at the complex interactions between physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual factors impacting on your health. Our approach is “bespoke” to your issues and your health goals.

Sabrina is a Medical Herbalist and counsellor (humanistic and psycho-spiritual models) and has additional training in Endobiogenic Medicine and functional nutrition to ensure all of these factors are evaluated and incorporated into your treatment plan, according to individual needs.

Because you are seeking an alternative when other medical approaches haven’t been successful or you prefer a holistic and natural medicine approach to your health issues.

Herbal medicine, when used by a trained professional, can provide a safe and effective alternative to or help reduce the side effects of, some of the pharmaceutical drugs in use today.  Furthermore, a holistic, natural and supportive approach such as the one we offer is a gentle, effective and sustainable option for supporting health and well-being, and helping your body regain its own innate ability to heal and function properly.

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