Important Information

Fees and Costs

For information on fees for Consultations please contact Sabrina directly. The price of any herbal medicines, laboratory tests or supplements is separate from Consultation fees. On average medicines cost 12£/100 mls (variations depend on plants and forms of medicines used) and one would generally expect to require 400 mls per month of treatment.

At the present time we only accept cash or advance payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

Appointments and Cancellations

All consultations are scheduled by appointment only and according to their estimated duration. Arriving late deprives you of your reserved time and could result in the rescheduling of your appointment. Should you be delayed for your appointment please let us know.

Information For Consultations

Please bring with you a list of all medicines (conventional and other and including contraceptive pills) and supplements you are currently taking as well as photocopies of any medical or diagnostic tests from your GP, hospital, or any other health practitioner (if you have them).

Contact Terra Sacra

If you have a question or require further info then please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact details or alternatively by completing the form below.

Telephone: +44(0)7816650275



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